Burlington’s Best and Brightest Musician’s Teach at Capstone Music!

You or your child will learn from performing artists who have the requisite know-how to make learning fun. The difference at Capstone is our people – real music lovers with a passion for music and your musical success.

Let’s find the right match for you or your child. We have over twenty-seven multi-talented and multi-instrument proficient teachers. They’re all cool, too! Learn more about our amazing musicians today!

Kelly Knight

Vocal, Piano, Theory, Stage

Ben Culver


Mark Macdonald

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele

Chelsea Reynolds

Piano, Vocal, Guitar…

Eric Trimmer

Eric Trimmer

Bass, Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Music Production

Roberta Baban 

Vocal, Piano

Brad Gardner

Guitar, Vocal, piano.

Nicole Booyse 

Piano, Vocal, Guitar…

Corinne Dejong

Vocal, Piano

Corey Brouwer

Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Piano, Ukulele

Amber Kakiishiway

Vocal & Piano

Tim Houghton


Ciaran Galati

Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

William Fachin

Drums, Piano

Paul Hampson

Guitar, Ukulele, Vocal, Violin, piano.

Chelsea McWilliams

Piano, Bass, Guitar, Vocal, Song writing, ukulele

Shelby Crego

Shelby Crego / Online

Online Guitar