Vocal Lessons – Find the Singer Within!

Maybe you’ve considered taking singing lessons in the past and have just never found the right time or place. Have you dreamed of singing on stage? Do you want to strengthen your vocals and sing solely for your love of music? Whether your child is a budding pop-star or you’re an adult who has dreamed of learning to sing, Capstone Music is the place for you!

Our vocal lessons are one-on-one with vocal coach-teacher and we’ll specialize in the style of your choice. We don’t just teach you proper singing technique, we inspire confidence in you and your ability, and encourage you to learn at your own pace.

Capstone Music is rated best – and we’re lucky enough to have this music school nearby! When I found that Capstone was near me, we made an appointment to meet a vocal teacher. My singing lessons are soooo fun!

Sign up for Singing Lessons Today!

Train your voice or sing for the love of song by registering today for your singing lessons! Vocal lessons are typically weekly (same day of week and time) for convenience and can be half hour to an hour in duration. You’ve waited long enough…find your voice today!

Whether you’re a budding singing pop star dreaming of being on stage realizing your dream of performing as a vocalist or you just want to sing for yourself or your children – make sweet music with us!

Contact us now to register for vocal lessons or learn more about our singing lessons and vocal coaches!