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Our music centre is where it’s at lessons and group music programs. Here you’ll find the latest Capstone Music news and articles on all kinds of topics. From why music lessons are great for your child’s mental and phsyical development to how to choose the right musical instrument for your child!

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Why and How to Start a Rock Band!

OK, so you’re thinking of starting a rock band and not sure where to start. Playing an instrument is fun for many reasons. Whether you are playing for your own enjoyment or to entertain others, doing so […]

  • Singing Lessons helps shyness

Find Your Voice – Singing Helps Kids Get Over Shyness          

Shyness is very common in both kids and adults and if you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve avoided doing something out of worry of being too shy, you’ll likely want to help your […]

  • Multiple Musical Instruments

Learning to Playing Multiple Instruments: Good or Bad Idea?

With nearly 2000 instruments in the world it’s no surprise that your musically inclined child might want to learn a second or even a third one at some point. Once they are comfortable on one, […]

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September Means Back to School… Music School, that is!

During the summer it’s easy to forget about indoor activities with all of the fun things to do outside! Playing at the park, swimming in a backyard pool, taking family vacations and going camping are […]

  • Singing to Strumming Pick Your Musical Instrument

From Singing to Strumming, there’s an instrument for everyone. What’s Yours?         

Playing a musical instrument is something that many people want to give a try at some point thanks to the positive effects music can have on us. But with literally countless different instruments in the […]

  • Toddler Music Lessons

Growing with Music – How Music Can Contribute to Healthy Youth Development         

Music has long been proven to be beneficial for people of all ages, but that’s especially true for youth. As kids grow and have to learn how to navigate through the world music helps their […]

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Capstone Music Grows – New Burlington South Location Added!

When you run an award-winning music center that’s voted Burlington’s BEST year after year, it’s no surprise that you might run out of space at some point. We’re so very excited to announce that the time […]

  • 2018 Capstone Music Diamond Best Music Instruction

What is Diamond Level Music Instruction? It’s the Best Music Lessons in Burlington!

Once again, we are here to say a huge “thank-you” to all of you for voting us as the best in Burlington for Musical Instruction – we’re 1st place Diamond Winners! This Reader’s Choice Award […]

  • Music Lessons and Camps vs Sports

Kids Not into Sports? Music Lessons and Camps may be Perfect!   

When kids are growing up it seems natural to encourage them to pick a sport to play. After all, as parents we want them to enjoy some of the summer camps we did when we […]

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  • 2018-02 What to Look for in a Music Centre

6 Things Parents Want From a Music Centre

If you have plans to register your child at the local music centre, you’re doing a good thing. The benefits of music lessons have been well-established, after all. But where you go is important and […]

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The Uplifting Power of Music

In all of mankind’s history, music has been used to help us feel better and become a better version of ourselves. The ability of music to alter our mood is, well, magical!

Music serves as our […]

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Happy New Year, Capstone friends,
We hope your Holiday season was filled with family, friends and of course, music!

As we sit here all cozied up during Pajama Week at Capstone, we’re reminded of the awesomeness […]

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Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids (and 3 Ways to Make the Most of Them!)

It’s been known for some time now that there are many benefits of music lessons for children. But you may not have heard them all. Here are some of the best benefits of learning to […]

  • Fall Music Lessons Burlington

4 Reasons Why Fall is So Popular for Music Lessons

Fall is a popular time for music lessons, but have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? Here are 4 reasons why so many people love to make a fresh start with music lessons […]

  • Play Ukulele

The Ukulele Has Never Been So Cool

Fact: the emergence of folk music has led the ukulele into the mainstream. Thanks to bands like Band of Horses, the Lumineers, and Mumford and Sons, one instrument has become hot, hot, hot! The ukulele […]

  • Bass Guitar

4 Questions You Need to Answer Before Choosing a Bass or Electric Guitar

Whether to play a bass or electric guitar is a dilemma that comes up a lot (we’ve recently talked about the 5 key differences between electric vs. acoustic guitar). To begin with, remember that you […]

  • Electric vs Acoustic Guitar

5 Differences Between Acoustic and Electric Guitar

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, one issue you’ll come across early on is deciding whether or not to start with acoustic, or electric. Learn about the differences between them so […]

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What It Takes to Be a Great Vocalist

Who do you think of when you think of the world’s greatest vocalists? Is it Whitney Houston?  Freddie Mercury? Luciano Pavarotti? Celine Dion? Every up and coming vocalist has their favourite. If you want to […]

  • 2017-06 Music Teacher

Key Differences Between Local Music Lessons and Learning Online

The 2 Key Differences Between Local Music Lessons and Learning Online
Online music instruction is prevalent these days and of course, it’s convenient! But convenience comes at a significant cost in the case of music lessons. […]

  • 2017-05 Vocals Post Girl Singing Lessons

Music Lessons and What to Look For In a Great Vocal Coach

If developing your singing voice to its maximum potential is important to you, the best way to do it is to take singing lessons with a great vocal coach. Here are the things you need […]

  • 2017-04 Singing Lessons Burlington

Are Vocal Lessons Right For Your Child?


Every child loves to sing, right? Parents often wonder, then, if signing up for singing lessons is a great idea. If you’re thinking you may have a future Céline Dion or Michael Bublé on your […]

  • Music Lessons Online versus Live Instruction

Music Lessons: Learning Online Versus With a Live Instructor

Today’s technology provides a wealth of options for music lessons, including long-distance learning via online lessons.  But before signing up for online lessons, consider the following.
Things to consider regarding online music instruction
Websites like YouTube and others […]

  • 2017 Reader's Choice Diamond Best Music Instruction

Burlington’s Best Music Instruction – Voted by You!

When we started our journey here at Capstone Music we had aspirations to be the very best. To offer the best musical instruction for children and adults alike in Burlington.

Now celebrating our 10th year, you […]

  • March Break Music Camp Burlington

Burlington’s Best March Break Camp for 2017

Welcome to the 2017 “Remarkable Kids” Music Camp
Your children want March Break fun…
…you want them to try something different!
Parents want their children engaged and learning new things during the March school break. Rather than the […]

  • adult-music-lessons-burlington

Adult Music Lessons

You’re an adult yet you’ve loved music since childhood…you can’t live without your streaming playist and music to sooth the senses. You may or may not have had lessons “way back”. You also think you’re […]

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How Music Can Change Your Mood

Everybody loves music; throughout history, some of the most successful and famous people have been musicians. Beethoven and Mozart were the celebrities of their day, and then came actual rock stars like Elvis and the […]

  • Music Helps Children Build Self Esteem

How Music Can Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

We all want to raise our children to be confident in who they are, and it can be heartbreaking when your child struggles with their self-esteem. Most often parents look to sports as a way […]

  • March Break & Summer Music Camps

What to Look for in a Children’s Music Camp

When it comes to summer and March break, it seems that parent’s have an endless amount of choice these days when it comes to camps. What will the kids like? Will you decide where to […]