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Live from Burlington…the latest Capstone Music News & Articles!

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Our music centre is where it’s at lessons and group music programs. Here you’ll find the latest Capstone Music news and articles on all kinds of topics. From why music lessons are great for your child’s mental and phsyical development to how to choose the right musical instrument for your child!

  • Music is Art

The Art and Power of Music

Music isn’t just something you listen to when driving or that you practice just because your mom tells you to. There are actually some really awesome benefits to incorporating music in your life! More and [...]

  • Music Brain Learning Memory

The Power of Music and Memory

From the moment a baby is born music naturally becomes a part of their life. Parents sing lullabies and playful tunes; the radio plays all kinds of modern and classic songs and TV commercials pop [...]

Introducing our Newest Music Teachers

At Capstone Music we are extremely proud of the teachers that choose to make our studio home.  Such a dynamic group of musicians who love sharing their passion for music with our students.  We are [...]

  • Start a Rock Band

Why and How to Start a Rock Band!

OK, so you're thinking of starting a rock band and not sure where to start. Playing an instrument is fun for many reasons. Whether you are playing for your own enjoyment or to entertain others, doing so [...]

  • Uplifting Power of Music Capstone Music Burlington

The Uplifting Power of Music

In all of mankind’s history, music has been used to help us feel better and become a better version of ourselves. The ability of music to alter our mood is, well, magical! Music serves as [...]


Happy New Year, Capstone friends, We hope your Holiday season was filled with family, friends and of course, music! As we sit here all cozied up during Pajama Week at Capstone, we’re reminded of the [...]