Our goal at Capstone Music is both to provide music lessons to improve skills while building confidence and having fun. Sounds like we’re hitting that note – just check out what our students (and parents) are saying!

Capstone Music Lessons Burlington

“My son has been taking lessons at the Capstone Music for a year now and through their awesome teachers have developed a love of music that never needed to be forced. Most recently, his piano teacher has been an excellent teacher. Great communication with incredibly helpful staff makes Capstone Music a perfect choice.” Anand A ,Burlington

“My children have been to a few music studios over the years as they learned different instruments. This year my 15 year old with high anxiety wanted to start piano lessons. I chose Capstone purely because it had a good reputation and was close enough for my son to walk from school. But wow! It was easy to communicate and arrange lessons with the owner. The studio is lovely. And the best part is my son’s instructor immediately was able to build a connection with my son who came out of his first lesson saying “that’s the best lesson and the best instructor I’ve ever had!” It’s been 3 months of lessons now and he still loves going, practices without being reminded and is consistently given music that he can relate to and challenges him while maintaining his interest. Way to go Capstone music! And a big shout out to his teacher who has connected with my anxious son and made a transition to a new activity pain-free!”           Krista A, Burlington

I took some piano lessons before and really wanted to learn guitar. My friend said he loved Capstone Music and my mom called for me to try. I love learning the guitar and my teacher helps me a lot. He’s an awesome guitar teacher!”                                 Marcus M., Burlington

 “The best music instruction my kids have ever had. Capstone is progressive, creative and has outstanding teachers that will, without a doubt, take you to the next level.”         Alison A., Burlington

As a musician myself I have a long list of reasons for my son to go to Capstone for musical development. Geoff’s broad range of knowledge and experience top the list. How cool is it for a kid to learn music in a working studio? It sure beats the cardboard box lesson!  As well my wife and I fight over who gets to bring him to his lessons because we both enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere of the lounge. Not some lobby or waiting room.  Music was not intended for a sterile environment.”         Jerrod A. Burlington

 “I am equally as impressed, as a mom who knows nothing about music, Geoff and all the teachers instantly become part of your family and share their love of music.”    Deb L., Burlington