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Private guitar lessons taught by some of the finest musicians in the City of Burlington and area. Our guitar lessons provide one-on-one instruction with a teacher specializing in the style of your choice (either acoustic guitar or electric guitar instruction!).

We help keep it fun so students remain enthusiastic, while providing exceptional guitar instruction delivered by seasoned professionals who have a passion for the instrument. Also, our music centre provides a relaxed learning environment for our learners.

It’s never too early to start playing guitar – or too late! Yes, we love teaching kids guitar and introducing them to this classic instrument. In the same way, many adults have always dreamed of learning but never had a chance. Now’s your chance, now’s your time to learn guitar. Let our enthusiastic guitarist-teachers get you learning quickly!

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I wanted a guitar teacher near me that I can get to quickly. The lessons at Capstone Music are fantastic! My guitar playing is much improved and because it’s nearby, I can easily get there on my bike, too!

Guitar lesson sessions are scheduled on the same day and at the same time each week. Lessons can be a half-hour in length (appropriate for beginners) or a full hour in length (typically for intermediate or advanced students).  Our guitar students – children and adults alike – are often surprised by their quick progress when learning guitar.

Have you dreamed of rocking the electric guitar or playing sweet acoustic melodies? Do you live in the Burlington area and want to learn from the best guitar teachers at the best music centre around?

“But I’m a Beginner Guitarist”

We provide guitar lessons from teachers experienced instructing guitar students at all levels. Yes, most new students are beginners…so you don’t have to worry and can expect patient teachers that love what they do! Remember, they once were new to guitar, too!

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