In the heart of Burlington, Ontario, lies a musical haven pulsating with the rhythms of community spirit—welcome to Capstone Music. Beyond mere instruction, our center is a place where harmonies unite, talents blossom, and connections thrive. Of course we invite you on our amazing journey and highlight the unique blend of instruments, band programs, and accolades that define us.

People and Practice Makes Capstone Music Your Choice

We embarked on a journey to develop the love of music in others, as we had ourselves. The team of teachers at our music centre are more than “instructors”, but of musicians with a passion for music, and a passion for sharing it.

To be recognized as the music school  providing the “Best Music Instruction” 17 years and counting is a testament to our team, and the students and families that bring life to our centre. Without their support of these learners, and the trust in us to teach and care about their musical and life journey, we’d be just another “music school”.

Geoff Breen, Owner & Founder

Here, we teach students to “play”, not “practice”. We make it a goal to be approachable, open, caring and of course to deliver the best teaching we can to every student. We realize that every student is unique, and what instrument they start with, they may not end with.

Embracing Musical Diversity

At Capstone Music, we believe in the power of diversity, reflected in our range of instruments and genres. From the classical elegance of piano to the raw energy of drums, from the soulful strumming of guitars to the melodious charm of ukuleles, and from the soaring vocals to the delicate harmonies—they all find a home here. Our inclusive approach welcomes beginners and virtuosos alike, children and adults, fostering a rich tapestry of musical expression.

Nurturing Musical Talent

Every musical journey begins with a single chord, and at Capstone Music, we guide every note. Our award-winning instructors, recognized by the Burlington Post for 17 consecutive years, are dedicated to nurturing talent across piano, guitar, drums, vocals, and ukulele. Through personalized lessons, students are empowered to explore their potential, building not only technical prowess but also a deep love for their craft.

Fostering Connections Through Band Programs

Beyond individual instruction, we provide opportunities for collaboration through our band programs. Students across instruments come together, learning the art of ensemble playing and experiencing the magic of musical synergy. Whether it’s crafting original compositions or reimagining classics, our band programs cultivate teamwork, creativity, and lifelong friendships.

Engaging the Burlington Community

Our commitment to music extends far beyond our studio walls, resonating throughout the Burlington community. Through outreach initiatives and partnerships with local schools, we strive to make music accessible to all. From performances at community events to workshops in underserved areas, Capstone Music is dedicated to enriching lives through the transformative power of melody.

In a city alive with diverse rhythms, Capstone Music is unique in our delivery and award-winning excellence. With our array of instruments, band programs fostering collaboration, and unwavering commitment to community engagement, we invite Burlington residents to join our musical family. Together, let us string together melodies, forge connections, and celebrate the universal language of music.