Rock Shop

“ROCK SHOP” is THE place in Burlington to bring your musical skills into a band setting. You’ll be learning top 40 pop & rock songs with a group of like minded musicians, developing your own stage presence and finding out what being in a band is all about! Behind this cool exterior is a great program that helps build listening, speaking, communication and team building skills!

  • Who’s it for? Kids who love the idea of being in a rock group! (Ages 11+)
  • When: TBA
  • How much: $299 per week

Rock Band Music Programs Burlington Ontario

Benefits of our “Rock Shop”

  • Team building. Students working together as a group to achieve their goals.
  • Practical application of private lessons. Take the concepts learned in private music lessons and apply them in a group setting
  • Increased motivation to practice. Students learn the importance of practicing and coming prepared for their group. Self-motivation increases and it carries over to their motivation in private lessons.
  • Social Skills. Students get to socialize and can make lifelong friends. They also get comfortable speaking/performing in front of an audience.
  • Democracy. Students learn what it is like to participate democratically and together towards creating great music! They collaborate on and off the bandstand. Band names/song choices are always voted on.
  • Custom song choices. Students get to choose and learn the music they want to learn. A variety of genres (pop/rock/jazz etc.) are covered and the students engage in curating song choices for their performances.
  • Customized methods of learning. Everyone learns differently and their a creative process that is as unique as the students. Some read music, some play by ear, guitarists and bassists usually read tablature. We can provide the tools they need to learn the music. Computer notated sheet music, tab and customized audio files are provided so every student can learn they way they are most comfortable.
  • Songwriting. Students are given the tools to create their own original material.
  • Improvisation/playing by ear. Students are taught and encouraged to improvise and develop a strong ear and musical intuition.

I have wanted to see him play for a long time – so it was awesome.
I have made some of my best friends through this program.