You’re an adult yet you’ve loved music since childhood…you can’t live without your streaming playist and music to sooth the senses. You may or may not have had lessons “way back”. You also think you’re a pretty good singer (in the shower) and can rock the guitar (your kids Guitar Hero game)!

Seriously, you love the idea of learning to play an instrument or “really” sing.  There’s hope.

Yes, We Teach Adults How to Play Instruments and Sing.

…Here’s Why You Should Sign Up!

The first reason is, why on earth not!? Life is about living and music fills us all with joy. It can change your mood and that of others. Whether you have pop star dreams or want to contribute to the church choir, or sing lullaby’s to your child then music lessons are great at any age.

There are many reasons why adults sign up to learn and play music and we list some benefits below. Just remember, though, that  you can do it just because you want to!

Music Soothes the Senses and Relieves Stress

Music is soothing and comforting. When you’re a bit stressed, try sitting back, closing your eyes and humming one of your all time favourite songs. Think of a happy time – whether it’s the song your mom used to sing you to sleep or of your high school sweetheart’s favourite song. Your favourite artist must have a lot of songs that you can listen to – whether it is gently at low volume or cranked up all the way! Sometimes, yes, you want to dance in front of the mirror as if no one is watching (they’re not…and what if they were – who cares!) and you’ll be amazed at what a stress relieve this is.

Music Stimulates the Mind & Promotes Healthy Aging

We’re not just saying it, according to National Geographic, “Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You’ve Taken Music Lessons”. There’s some serious neuroscience behind so it isn’t some pie in the sky theory. The simple truth of the matter is that musical training grows your brain. Think of the brain as a muscle and like any muscle, the stronger the muscle the more it can prevent injuy and withstand adverse events. It also helps keep your hearing on-point and sharp.

You’ve heard that games like bridge can stimulate the brain and help with dementia. So too can musical training. So if you know how, keep playing and if not follow your interest in music and learn to play. Let’s be honest, most adults don’t take music lessons out of fear of aging (necessarily), but maintaining health in old age is a serious bonus benefit.

Music Makes You Popular (It’s Impressive!)

For most adults, taking music lessons is about satisfying your own creative cravings and likely because you love music. Some of you – and you know who you are – want to also impress your partner, children, friends…and maybe have ambitions of performing before a crowd. Let’s face it, playing an instrument and learning to play very well is extremely impressive.

So, be cool and learn to play the instrument of your choice – even in adulthood. Who says you can’t? Oh, and you might just turn out to be a very popular person!

A Community of Music for Life

We’ve discussed some great reasons why adults take music lessons yet one of the very best reasons to learn music. However, an underlying reason why adults want to learn music (whether they realize it or not) is because they wish to be a part of a community. That community may be joining in with other musicians (whether it’s a band, the church choir, or with your family) and the joy of performing to a larger community.

It’s a great way to harness your talents and share them with your community. As an adult who’s dreamed of playing an instrument or singing, don’t let obstacles get in your way…sign up for music lessons today!

If you’re in the Burlington, Ontario area and would like to know more about our music lessons for adults, contact us today!