With summer break nearly upon us, you might be thinking about how you can possibly keep your kids entertained for the next 2 months. While there are no doubt fun activities you can do throughout the summer, signing them up for music lessons is a great option!

Top benefits to summer music lessons

Summer is a great time to take up a new hobby like learning how to play a musical instrument. With the whole summer off from school and most extracurricular activities there is plenty of time to incorporate music lessons into your schedule. There are many reasons why summer is the perfect time to get started with music lessons, including:

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1. Get a head start for school

Taking 2 months off from scheduled activities and learning can create a struggle when it comes time to resume them in the fall. Taking music lessons in the summer is a great way to keep a bit of a schedule going and have the kids continue their learning all year round. Additionally, if they’re going to take music classes or join the band during their school year, music lessons in the summer can help give them a head start.

2. Encourage kids to do more activities

Many parents want their kids to take on extra curricular activities during the school year, but then struggle in the summer when most of them take a break. Music lessons can help kids continue to take part in schedules activities rather than just hanging out at home all summer.

3. Get them off of electronic devices

While many kids can find things to entertain themselves all summer long, as parents you might cringe at how much of that entertainment comes from screens and technology. Summer music lessons help give kids more options for things to do with their time off of school.

4. Expand their horizons

One of the keys to helping a child find their passions in life is to present them with opportunities to try new things. Summer music lessons can help widen their interests and find hobbies that they are passionate about.

5. Reduce boredom

The first week or two of summer break is a blast for kids as they experience freedom from their school schedules. However, most will end up getting bored fairly quickly. Music lessons are a great way to give them something to do through the summer as they’ll have to build in practice time along with their lessons.

6. More time to dedicate

During the school year kids are pulled in multiple directions so are likely not able to give their full attention to learning how to play an instrument. However, during the summer, they won’t have homework, school sports and other school-based activities requiring their time and attention. This will allow them to dedicate as much time as they want to learning their new instrument.

7. Continue to improve skills they’re already working on

If children are taking music lessons during the school year, summer music lessons will allow them to continue building the skills they’ve already been learning. Taking a break from music lessons over the summer can cause their skill progression to stagnate or regress, so summer lessons are a great way to prevent this.

8. Plenty of time for extra lessons

If there is a particular skill they are trying to master or a learning block they are trying to overcome, summer is the perfect time to book them in for extra sessions with their music teacher. An extra lesson can be just the ticket to overcoming an obstacle in a child’s music skills.

Summer is the perfect time for music lessons

Whether they know what kind of instrument they want to play or want to try out a few before choosing the one to pursue, summer music lessons are a great way to test things out!