No, It’s Never Too Late for Adults to Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument is often seen as a skill that is best acquired in childhood or early adulthood. True, but the fact is – as the saying goes – it’s never too late. For adults wanting to pick up on the dream of playing music, you’re not alone! Whether it's the piano, [...]

Top Ways to Get Kids to Practice Music (don’t say practice!)     

When your child is taking music lessons, practice time is an important part of their development. Setting aside time to work on the skills that they have learned in lessons can help students improve much faster than if they don’t spend any time practicing. But how do you get them to actually sit down and [...]

What is the Right Age to Start Music Lessons?   

With stories of child prodigies composing symphonies and performing operas occurring throughout history, it can raise the question of when you should get your child started with music lessons. While there is no perfect age to start lessons, there are some great guidelines and tips that can help parents awaken a love of music in [...]

Sports Aren’t for All Kids – Music is for Everyone!

It’s common for kids to join extra-curricular activities in order to explore their interests growing up. With many out of school sports teams looking for players, there’s no shortage of physical activities to choose from. But what do you do if your child has no interest in sports or team activities? Try music lessons! Music [...]

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