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At Capstone Music, we do more than provide top quality music lessons from Burlington's best music teachers :) We love writing original articles on music and it's power to teach and uplift our students and all our readers. Read original content from our very own editorial team at Capstone Music!

What’s the Difference Between a Vocalist and Singer?           When you start taking singing lessons and become more immersed in the world of music, you might hear both ‘vocalist’ and ‘singer’ thrown around. While they both technically mean the same thing, people do tend to assign more specific meanings to each term, making it a bit of a confusing topic. Unofficial definitions of "singer" [...]

Can music help get you through winter blues? With days getting shorter, darkness setting in earlier, and it seeming like we’re finally nearing the end of an unprecedented year thanks to Covid-19, there’s a good likelihood that you’re feeling the effects of the winter blues. What is SAD? The term ‘winter blues’ actually refers to a documented psychological disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder [...]

Can singing really provide health benefits?

dating i hägersten There are many benefits of singing, from making new friends to improving self confidence. Anyone that spends time learning to sing has likely experienced many of these benefits for themselves. However, there are a number of positive effects that are often overlooked and those all relate to your health! There are so many positive health [...]

Making the Most of Winter Time – With Music!     

This winter as days get shorter, nights get longer and the weather gets colder, you might find yourself wondering what to do with all the extra indoor time you have on your hands. While there many things that you can do this winter, there is one hobby that might have everything you are looking for: [...]