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At Capstone Music, we do more than provide top quality music lessons from Burlington's best music teachers :) We love writing original articles on music and it's power to teach and uplift our students and all our readers. Read original content from our very own editorial team at Capstone Music!

5 Reasons Why Adults Don’t Take Music Lessons (Debunked!)

Taking music lessons is something that many kids do when they are young, but it’s not something that you hear of many adults doing. While it may be less common for adults to start taking music lessons, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t! Learning a new skill like playing an instrument has many benefits for [...]

What is the Right Age to Start Music Lessons?   

With stories of child prodigies composing symphonies and performing operas occurring throughout history, it can raise the question of when you should get your child started with music lessons. While there is no perfect age to start lessons, there are some great guidelines and tips that can help parents awaken a love of music in [...]

Sports Aren’t for All Kids – Music is for Everyone!

It’s common for kids to join extra-curricular activities in order to explore their interests growing up. With many out of school sports teams looking for players, there’s no shortage of physical activities to choose from. But what do you do if your child has no interest in sports or team activities? Try music lessons! Music [...]

Should I Teach Music and How Do I Become a Music Instructor?

For people who love music and want to encourage new musicians how to hone in on their talent, becoming a music teacher is a natural career path. While the qualifications will vary based on what level of music you want to teach and what setting you want to teach in, there are a number of [...]