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At Capstone Music, we do more than provide top quality music lessons from Burlington's best music teachers :) We love writing original articles on music and it's power to teach and uplift our students and all our readers. Read original content from our very own editorial team at Capstone Music!

Should I Teach Music and How Do I Become a Music Instructor?

For people who love music and want to encourage new musicians how to hone in on their talent, becoming a music teacher is a natural career path. While the qualifications will vary based on what level of music you want to teach and what setting you want to teach in, there are a number of [...]

Those that Play Music are More Likely to Be Successful. Is This True?

For most people, their aim in life is to be successful. While the definition of what makes a person successful varies from one person to the next, there are a number of different traits that can lead to more success in life. Though these traits can be acquired in a number of different ways, musicians [...]

Learning to Play Multiple Instruments: The Transition from Piano to Guitar                   

Learning a musical instrument is often a life long process and hobby. While deciding on an instrument to learn can be a difficult choice for some, many budding musicians actually have a pretty good idea of what instrument they’d like to start with. Once a musician feels like they’ve gotten a pretty good handle on [...]