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September is Coming! Back to Music School Time

Udhampur As school starts back up again and we shake off the relaxed routine of summer holidays you may be finding yourself craving the more structured routine that fall brings with it. This is one of the reasons why fall is the perfect time to start taking music lessons. Fall is Time for Music School There [...]

Banjo or Ukelele: Which should I Choose to Play?

tchatche gratuit avec photo Choosing between a banjo or ukulele might seem easy... After all, they’re both just cool sounding stringed instruments. But they’re actually very different from each other, and you might find you prefer one over the other when it comes to deciding on which one to learn first. Keep reading as we dive into their differences [...]

September Means Back to School… Music School, that is!

Ar Ruţbah During the summer it’s easy to forget about indoor activities with all of the fun things to do outside! Playing at the park, swimming in a backyard pool, taking family vacations and going camping are naturally going to take priority over the more serious parts of day to day life. And when you only have [...]

Why Piano is a Great First Instrument to Learn

buy prednisone tablets When you or your child decides it’s time to start learning an instrument, it might seem daunting to decide which instrument to start with. There are so many options out there, after all! While you may have always wanted to play the guitar in a rock band, there might be a better instrument to start [...]