Taking music lessons is something that many kids do when they are young, but it’s not something that you hear of many adults doing. While it may be less common for adults to start taking music lessons, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t! Learning a new skill like playing an instrument has many benefits for adults. From teaching self confidence and discipline to giving you an opportunity for self-care, taking music lessons is a great pastime for adults. However, there are several reasons why adults believe they shouldn’t sign up for lessons.

Why adults don’t take music lessons

There are a number of reasons that adults may use to avoid signing up for music lessons. Luckily, most of these excuses are easy to debunk!

1. They’re scared of making mistakes

Children tend to be much less aware of mistakes they are making that adults are. As we grow older and are faced with new experiences, adults tend to feel more self-conscious about learning and playing in front of someone, whether that’s an audience or their music teacher.

This fear of making mistakes can hold back adults from taking music lessons, even if it’s something they would really enjoy. Pushing through this fear is a great opportunity to gain confidence, which can ultimately carry over into many other areas of their life.

2. Think they’re too old to learn a new skill like music

Although it’s commonly thought that kids have an easier time learning skills like playing music, making art or playing sports, this isn’t often the case. Developing the coordination involved in playing an instrument might be easier for kids, but this isn’t the only skill required when learning how to play music.

Music theory is another important aspect in learning how to play an instrument, and adults are usually better able to understand those concepts. This ability will allow them to pass through the theory sections more quickly, and spend more time learning how to actually play the instrument.

3. Can’t find time in their day to practice or take lessons

It’s no secret that most adults are quite busy with their day to day lives. For this reason, it can be hard to find time to incorporate music lessons into their schedule. The good news is, most music teachers are eager to work with each student to create a practice and lesson schedule that won’t add more stress into their lives.

Setting aside a bit of time to practice and attend music lessons is also a great way to practice self care, develop discipline and even relax and unwind.

5. Think they lack talent and creativity

Adults tend to get so busy with the requirements of their daily lives that they forget how to have fun, be creative and enjoy or improve their talents. Over time, this can lead to the idea that they don’t have any talent or creativity that is worth cultivating. Signing up for music lessons is a great way to remind yourself of your unique talents.

6. Worry that music schools only take kids

It’s not often you hear of adults taking music lessons, so it’s not unusual to think that most music schools don’t teach adults lessons. However, many teachers and schools offer a variety of classes and lessons for people of all ages.

Benefits of music lessons for adults

There are many benefits for adults who take music lessons. Not only could you develop a new favourite hobby, you might even experience positive changes to your mental health and day to day life.

  • Helps reduce stress
  • Can build confidence
  • Improves memory
  • Can help maintain dexterity and motor skills as you age
  • Gives your brain a workout
  • Challenges you
  • Have fun!

It’s never too late in life to learn an instrument!

When it comes to learning a new skill, whether that’s playing a musical instrument or something else, it is never too late to get started! With music teachers and schools that are happy to work with the needs of each student, taking music lessons as an adult is easy.