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September Means Back to School… Music School, that is!

During the summer it’s easy to forget about indoor activities with all of the fun things to do outside! Playing at the park, swimming in a backyard pool, taking family vacations and going camping are naturally going to take priority over the more serious parts of day to day life. And when you only have [...]

Amazing Summer Camp Ideas in the Greater Toronto Area

School is almost out for summer, and that means it’s time to start looking at summer camp possibilities for the kids! But what do you do if your child isn’t interested in the typical summer camp setting full of outdoor games, hotdogs on the fire and scheduled swim time? You look for some out-of-the-box summer [...]

Learning to Playing Multiple Instruments: Good or Bad Idea?

With nearly 2000 instruments in the world it’s no surprise that your musically inclined child might want to learn a second or even a third one at some point. Once they are comfortable on one, they might start asking to add in a new one. Sounds like a great idea, right? After all, Prince does [...]