Readers Choice Winners – Dominating for 18 Years!

CATEGORY WINS Kids Activities Music Instruction  Overall Service - Professional Services EMPLOYEE WINNERS Amber Kakiishiway in Piano Teacher Chelsea Reynolds in Piano Teacher Corey Brouwer in Guitar Teacher Corinne DeJong in Piano Teacher Eric Trimmer in Guitar Teacher Eric Trimmer in Music Instructor Mark MacDonald in Guitar Teacher Roberta Baban in Piano Teacher We sincerely thank you, our clients and community, [...]

Symphony of Success: Capstone Music Hits the Right Notes in Burlington

In the heart of Burlington, Ontario, lies a musical haven pulsating with the rhythms of community spirit—welcome to Capstone Music. Beyond mere instruction, our center is a place where harmonies unite, talents blossom, and connections thrive. Of course we invite you on our amazing journey and highlight the unique blend of instruments, band programs, and [...]

Learning Guitar vs. Piano – Which Is Easier to Learn?

You love music and you've decided to take music lessons - great! Embarking on a musical journey is exciting, yet choosing the right instrument can be a challenge. Which is best? Two of the most popular choices for beginners are the guitar and the piano. Here we explore the age-old debate of whether it's easier [...]

Why Taking Singing Lessons as an Adult is a Remarkable Journey

Singing is a universal form of self-expression, a way to touch the hearts of those who listen and a means to let your inner songbird soar. While many of us have childhood memories of singing our hearts out, the idea of taking vocal lessons as an adult might seem daunting or even unattainable. However, the [...]

No, It’s Never Too Late for Adults to Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument is often seen as a skill that is best acquired in childhood or early adulthood. True, but the fact is – as the saying goes – it’s never too late. For adults wanting to pick up on the dream of playing music, you’re not alone! Whether it's the piano, [...]

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