Learning to play a musical instrument can be an intimidating hobby to take on, especially if you’ve never played one before. However, if you’ve always wanted to join a rock ban taking group lessons with other rock band hopefuls can help you encourage each other, learn how to play well together, and learn some great skills!

Benefits of group lessons for band members

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There are a number of reasons why taking music lessons together as a group is a great idea. Whether some or all band members have never played music before or you just want to learn some skills related to playing together, group music lessons can help make your rock band dreams come true.

1. Can help you learn better

Taking lessons as a group can actually help some budding musicians learn better than if they were to take one on one lessons. Group lessons often incorporate different techniques and teaching methods than individual lessons do which might help the lessons sink in better. Along with this, being able to practice the things you’re learning together with your potential band mates can help you learn better.

2. Can help you feel less shy and self conscious

When learning to play an instrument one on one with a teacher it’s common to feel shy or self conscious, especially if you feel like you make a lot of mistakes. However, when you’re in lessons with other people at a similar skill level it can both push you out of your comfort zone, and help take the attention off of you.

3. Groups lessons are fun

When it comes down to it, you want to join a rock band because it’s fun so it stands to reason that taking lessons with people who feel the same will make them more fun. In addition to the fun of playing off of each other’s attitudes, group lessons are often full of fun learning activities and games that may not be possible in one-on-one lessons.

4. They can be cost efficient, without compromising quality

Music lessons can be an added expense to your budget that you may not be ready for, but group lessons can mitigate this a bit. When you are able to split the cost of group lessons with a number of people looking to join a rock band, it makes things more affordable without reducing the quality or experience that you’ll receive.

5. Competition fuels learning

Even in music, competition between participants can help push people to play their best and master skills they might be struggling with. The opportunity to feed off of each other can help potential bandmates to strive to play their best, while the ability to exchange feedback can help lessons to sink in.

6. Learning with peers is more engaging

Learning to play a new instrument can be an isolating experience thanks to the volume of practice needed in order to master a skill. However, taking lessons and planning practice sessions with other passionate musicians can help make the experience more interesting and engaging, which in turn can help your new skills sink in faster.

Improves social skills and helps form friendships

Taking group lessons with other future rock band members can help everyone get to know each other and learn how group dynamics can work. If you’ve formed your band but are missing one or two pieces, group lessons are also a great way to get to know other local musicians that may potentially fill the void.

Group lessons for band mates are fun!

While there are many different ways how to learn to play a new instrument, taking lessons with other rock band musicians is a fun way to start down the path. At some point you may decide to take some one on one or online lessons to help further the skills you’ve been working on, but until then group lessons are a great choice.