Summer is known as a time to let loose and have fun, but it’s also a great time to take some music lessons. As the school year winds down and you find yourself with more time on your hands and less stress in each day, taking the opportunity to learn a new instrument or continue learning one you’re already familiar with is an uplifting and mentally stimulating way to spend your time.

Benefits of Summer Music Lessons

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Plenty of time to learn a new instrument

Summer vacation is the perfect time to pick up a new instrument since the days are no longer filled with long days at school and homework at night. With plenty of time to practice and less stress about keeping up with schoolwork, students will be able to learn a new instrument in no time!

Playing music is a great break from sports

Not all kids are well suited for sports and while sports are a great way for kids to form friendships and get active, music might offer similar results. If you’re looking for something more immersive, summer music camps are a great option for those not as excited about a sports camp. Even if kids are quite athletic, playing music can offer another facet to a well rounded extra curricular line up.

Reduces screen time

With so much free time in the summer, it can be easy to allow the time spent interacting with screens to increase. Joining a scheduled music lesson with required practice time is a great way to naturally decrease the amount of time spent looking at a screen each day.

Make new friends (and impress existing ones!)

Joining a music school is a great opportunity to make new friends and get to know other budding musicians. Whether you join a group class and open the door to meeting other musicians of similar skill or just cross paths in the waiting room, there are plenty of opportunities to meet people and make friends. Imagine “wowing” friends when picking up an instrument and playing at your upcoming party. Some folks are closet learners for the very reason is that they want to surprise family and friends with their new skills!

Great break from the heat

In some areas (like southern Ontario!) the summer heat can get overwhelming at times. Music practice and lessons are a great excuse to get out of the heat and spend some time indoors practicing.

Learn something new

Summer is a great season to dedicate time to learning something new. Since days are likely less filled with school and extra curricular activities, you’ll have more time to spend practicing and learning a new musical skill.

You’re likely to have more energy in the summer

The long days of sunshine and relaxation are known to boost moods and increase energy so it’s a great time to start (or continue) learning a new instrument, mastering a certain song or tackling some music theory.

Continue learning gains year round

When you’ve spent much of the year improving your musical skills, taking 2 months off for the summer might feel counterproductive. Choosing to take a class or lessons over the summer can help ensure your learning keeps that uphill swing and that you don’t forget anything you’ve spent so much time learning.

Have fun with music in your life!

The most important and memorable thing about learning to play an instrument or how to sing is that it’s fun! Music is known to boost moods, improve learning skill and offer a great outlet for self expression, so dedicating time to learning music through the summer is a great way to encourage having fun and embracing who you are.