Unplugging for Harmony: The Positive Effects of Decreasing Screen Time and Learning to Play an Instrument

It's the digital age and we're fully immersed in it. In a time where screens dominate our lives, finding ways to disconnect and engage in offline activities is becoming increasingly important. One such activity that offers a multitude of benefits is learning to play a musical instrument. Exploring the positive effects of reducing screen time [...]

5 Reasons Why Adults Don’t Take Music Lessons (Debunked!)

Taking music lessons is something that many kids do when they are young, but it’s not something that you hear of many adults doing. While it may be less common for adults to start taking music lessons, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t! Learning a new skill like playing an instrument has many benefits for [...]

Learning to Play Multiple Instruments: The Transition from Piano to Guitar                   

Learning a musical instrument is often a life long process and hobby. While deciding on an instrument to learn can be a difficult choice for some, many budding musicians actually have a pretty good idea of what instrument they’d like to start with. Once a musician feels like they’ve gotten a pretty good handle on [...]

Summer 2021 Newsletter

Hello friends, We’ve recently fielded a few questions about summer plans. Yes, Capstone is open throughout the summer and We’d love to continue teaching you and yours about music!  We are so eager to get back in studio with those of you who prefer the in-person music lesson experience. It’s been a long time coming. [...]

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