How do I Improve at Playing Music by “Ear”

Learning and immersing in the art of music has so many benefits for students of all ages. From learning how to read music to the benefits that music can have on one’s mood and even their education, including music in your life is a choice you definitely won’t regret. When playing music there are 2 [...]


We are back in the RED ZONE. However, while we are technically allowed to reopen for in-person lessons, we feel the most responsible course of action is to ask anyone who is able, to please continue to attend your lessons remotely for now. We recognize that some students and certain instruments/modalities benefit more than others [...]

We are back!

  CAPSTONE MUSIC UPDATE WE ARE OPENING! AUGUST 31st we are reopening our doors for in-studio lessons Hi there friends! We are excited to announce that CAPSTONE MUSIC will be reopening in studio lessons beginning the first week of Sept (Aug 31st). If you are currently taking online lessons or have paused your in-studio lessons and wish [...]

Best Musical Instruction in Burlington 13 Times – The Capstone Difference

Capstone Music is THE ULTIMATE place in Burlington for music lessons, because you've told us - again! For the 13th time we’ve been awarded and earned diamond in musical instruction for 2019 in all of Burlington. This an honour we are SO proud of achieving, and we’re thankful to the citizens of Burlington for voting [...]