Music isn’t just something you listen to when driving or that you practice just because your mom tells you to. There are actually some really awesome benefits to incorporating music in your life! More and more research points to countless benefits both from music instruction and the general inclusion of music in our everyday lives. The art of music is an art that provides all kinds of benefits to kids and adults alike!

Music is an art

There are so many different facets to music and how it engages so many parts of our lives. Whether you choose for it to be a creative outlet by writing and making music, an emotional outlet when you are having a good (or bad) day and belting out the tunes or you are using music to express yourself and your emotions, music is a pretty consistent mainstay in our lives.

The art of music has been present in the world for thousands of years. From the primitive drum circles of our ancestors to the more current pop hits and rock & roll anthems, the art of pulling together different sounds, words and feelings into a musical story has been fully ingrained in our lives for centuries.

Many benefits to music

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Whether you just listen to music, are learning how to play, or feel like a veteran in the music making music world, there are so many benefits to involving music in your life!

Music can provide stress relief

In the midst of a stressful day there is nothing better than being able to schedule a few minutes to yourself to escape the stress by listening to some music. Music has been shown to help calm nerves and decrease stress and anxiety, so crank those funky tunes!

It can be a creative outlet

For the musically inclined, expressing emotions through the creation of music can be the prefect way to work through life’s trials and tribulations. Harnessing their creative power to put feelings and experiences into words set to music (or just music by itself!) is the perfect way to embrace life.

Music promotes self expression

Whether you are having a great day or a terrible one, music is there to help you express how you feel. Choose an angry rock song, an upbeat pop tune, a classic country crooner or an attitude-filled rap ballad, music is there to help you get out those feelings and express yourself.

Music is good for the brain

Music is good for all parts of the brain. Listening to music can reduce blood pressure, anxiety and pain as well as improve mood, memory, sleep quality and alertness. Playing music

It improves school work & IQ

Studies have shown that kids who listen to school work while studying routinely test higher and have higher marks. While this isn’t evidenced with all kinds of music, classical music in particular

It teaches multitasking

Especially when creating music, but also when listening to it, the brain is forced to do more than one thing. This helps condition the brain to multitask and do more than one thing at a time. Creating music will often see the musician playing notes & paying attention to their sounds, adding lyrics, and even adjusting the chords

Playing music can increase confidence

When a shy child starts to learn how to play an instrument or sing, their confidence will naturally start to increase. As their skills improve and they learn how to hit the right notes, their shyness starts to fade away to get replaced with confidence and pride.

Music instruction is good for kids

Studies have repeatedly shown that musical instruction is very good for kids. Instilling the drive to practice in order to master a song or set of notes helps to teach persistence and goal setting, and the act of achieving their goal teaches confidence and self esteem.

Music lessons can help kids begin to process language and speech sounds, helps to develop physical skills, cultivates social skills, teaches discipline and patience and can improve academic performance.

Having kids start taking music lessons when they are young helps them to develop their musical ear early and build the discipline of practicing into their every day lives as they grow up.