Your child is excited, you’ve agreed to sign them up for music lessons! Now what? You and your child need to decide what instrument to play – guitar, piano, drums…or even singing – and then getting started. Which is the best music school in your area? What makes it the best? What makes in the best for you?

Checklist: Get the Most Out of Your Music Lessons


Does the music school have a great reputation? Would current and importantly, past clients, recommend the music school. This is the ultimate vote of confidence as they’ll give you a first-hand account of their experience. You want feedback on the facility, the reception your child gets upon arriving, of course the quality of the teacher and instruction, and even things like whether there is a comfortable parent lounge to wait for your child to complete their lessons.


Is the music school so specialized or just have 1-2 staff? If so, consider that children often love music, but find that they thought they wanted piano lessons, but then decide they love the guitar….or want vocal lessons instead. How about the drums? Picking a music school that offers a range of instrument instruction is a great choice. Often the rates are the same and it is a matter, if needed, of switching specialty and instructor.


Wouldn’t it be great if the best music lessons were offered near you – locally? Well, doing your research can help you uncover the best music lessons nearby. Check online reviews and importantly, have they won any local awards for being the best at what they do? Local newspapers often rate local services, including music schools. Of course, be sure to check and ensure they offer weekend and evening music lessons that suit your family.


Does the music school have great teachers or are they “just” music instructors. Importantly, there’s a distinction and a great ones are both. They nurture and encourage children to move at their own pace. Yes, music teachers should be skilled technically (and most are), yet having a great way with children is equally as important. If your child loves to learn, then the teacher is likely a great one!

Looking for Lessons in Burlington?

Then conBest Musical Instruction Reader's Choice Burlingtonsider what local residents and media consider the “Diamond” standard for music lessons in Burlington. Yep, we’re proud winners of the most coveted prize for Music Instruction in Burlington as voted by the people of Burlington. We’ve been winners 10 years running and for 2016, the ultimate Diamond status simply means we’re voted best of the best.
If you (yes, adults!) or your child is interested in music lessons – whether piano, guitar, drums, vocals and even ukelele – or you’re interested in our toddler music or summer programs, then now is the time to contact Capstone Music for a facility tour.