Every little girl, boy and adult loves to belt out a tune – whether in the shower or among family and friends. Yep, if you’ve been known to sing along with your favourite songs in the car (alone or with passengers!) then at some time you’ve wondered, “Can I sing?”. Well, nice people will tell you you’re not bad…those closest to you might say you’re absolutely terrible. But what if you really loved to sing and really wanted to learn how to sing well. Then what? Well, get out there and learn!

Tips on How to Turn Your Sing-Alongs into Real Vocals

1. Decide to Learn to Sing – Like Nobody is Listening!

Often people sing in the privacy of their shower or among close friends and family. Put them in public or with strangers and they couldn’t fathom belting out their tunes with such confidence! If you’re going to learn to sing, it may be just for you. But isn’t it a wonderful gift to hear others sing a beautiful song? That could be you and whether it is only to sing to your children, family or friends it will be joyful. If you’re going to learn to sing well, decide now that you’re going to overcome any embarrassment and that yes, you’ll have to sing in front of at least your teacher. In sum, don’t worry about who hears you!

2. Search Online for Tips on Singing

You’ll find websites, in particular YouTube, that can provide tips on how to develop your singing talent. Try some of the tips, in particular breathing techniques. Surely you’ll want to seek out videos that were posted from quality vocalists who have a knack for explaining the how and why. Many great singers can’t necessarily communicate and teach a beginner.  See if the tips help you out by singing along and practicing. Seeing slight improvement? Great!

3. Sign up for Music Lessons

No matter where you live, there is likely someone that can teach you at least the fundamentals of vocals. If you’re in urban areas surely there’s a local music school that offers vocal instruction. Check the music school out online and determine if they teach vocals-singing in addition to other music lessons. If they do, see if they list the singing teacher profiles – do they actually perform or will they solely be teaching you from a notebook. Hitting the notes is, of course, a big part of it but someone who is passionate about singing and teaching vocals is your best bet. After all, you’re there because you’d love to learn how to sing, right?

4. Practice You Singing at Home

Whenever we think of “practice”, we think of it as a task or job. That is not the case, here, right? After all, we signed up for singing lessons because we love to sing…we just want to get great at it! Fit some time aside on a number of days per week that don’t cramp your schedule and where you can enjoy your time singing. Don’t make these practice sessions too long (keep it light and fun!). If you want to get the most out of your time practicing, do it immediately after (or as close to) your vocal lesson. Why? The teaching instructor’s tips will be fresh in your head – and they will have reinforced what you did well and the things to work on. This is the case for learning other instruments too!

5. Persevere and Have Fun Singing

You started out wanting to learn to sing because you love song – so don’t give up! Like learning any new skill, it takes effort and time. If you set out knowing that and feel the payoff is worth it, then don’t deny  yourself the certainty that you can and will become a great singer. Whether you end up on stage entertaining the masses one day, or singing songs along with your children and family, the gift of song is yours to take. Yes, you have it in you!

If you’re in the Burlington, Ontario area and are looking for singing lessons, then contact Capstone Music today! Our music teachers would love to meet you and walk you through our music learning centre. Learning to sing starts here!