In all of mankind’s history, music has been used to help us feel better and become a better version of ourselves. The ability of music to alter our mood is, well, magical!

Music serves as our entertainment, a simple way to pass the time, and even provides a sense of pride when we finally learn all the words to a popular tune. In recent decades, there have been mega hits like Abba’s “Dancing Queen” and The Beach Boys singing “Good Vibrations” to put us in a great mood.

Interestingly, neuroscientists say music has a link to our memories and feelings, and the things we associate a song with influence its effect on our emotions. With that backdrop in mind, here are some of the many ways that music can lift us up.

Music can cause the release of feel-good neurochemicals

There are several things that can stimulate our brain to release dopamine, a powerful “feel good” neurotransmitter.

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Examples include getting things that we consider to be rewards, the availability of food, and — you guessed it — our favourite mood-boosting tunes.

This is why the right song can make an already-happy moment feel even better, and why it’s also able to dull the sting of bad days.

Music makes us happy and more patient

Have you ever noticed that many waiting rooms have pleasant music playing in the background? They do this because they know most people will be in a happier mood because of it, and their wait won’t seem as long.

Kids who learn to play a musical instrument are often happier because of it, too — not only do they experience the pride of accomplishment as they’re learning a new skill, but they get the pleasure of listening to the music they’re playing. They develop patience as they see the progress they make over time, and are able to experience the joy of being able to share their music with others. Even young toddlers can experience these benefits.

Music can help us heal and lower stress

Many people believe the playing of calming music can help with the healing process after medical procedures. People who are healing from emotional upsets often find that listening to the right kind of music can help lift their sadness, alleviate frustration, and put them in a better overall frame of mind.

When we’re feeling stress, listening to some calming music can help lower our heart rate, slow our breathing, and calm our mind.

Add the uplifting power of music to your life – today!

No matter what type of day you’re having, there’s no question that music can only make it better. People of all ages have long enjoyed the power of a great tune to lift them out of sadness, alleviate boredom, pump up their energy levels for a work-out or difficult task, and make an already great day even better. If you have kids, put the uplifting power of music in their hands by letting them learn to play a musical instrument, or even learn to sing. And consider giving yourself the gift of learning to play too, since you’re never too old to reap the benefits it brings.