Shyness is very common in both kids and adults and if you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve avoided doing something out of worry of being too shy, you’ll likely want to help your child through the discomfort. It can be difficult to find ways to help them get over their shyness but that’s where singing lessons come in! Singing is a great way to help kids overcome shyness, and they’ll be learning a new skill in the process!

Singing can help improve confidence and reduce shyness

It is intimidating to start singing in front of people so the first step is to build a child’s confidence in their voice. Taking lessons is one of the best ways to start to build this confidence because the teacher will help them improve their voice and singing knowledge, which will in turn build confidence and reduce shyness. Confidence often comes when a child feels like they know how to do something well and have learned enough to share it with their parents, and eventually others.

A few ways singing can help kids overcome shyness are:

  • Kids get to know other students and singers and grow common interests together
  • Having something they are good at encourages kids to have confidence in day to day life
  • Joining groups at school helps to increase the social circle of the child, allowing them to feel more comfortable around more people
  • Meeting others who are shy helps kids to realize they are not the only ones feeling what they are feeling
  • Giving a child something they are responsible for increases their confidence
  • Music makes people happy and less stressed, and it’s easier to connect with people when stress levels are lowered

Ways to get over shyness while singing

Sing at home alone

Getting comfortable singing alone is the first step in being able to sing in front of others.

Choose music that suits you

Singing songs that mean something to them or are a favourite makes it easier to feel confident in their singing ability. Likely those songs are ones they’ve sang before, so they already know the words.

Join a choir

Being one of many singers in a choir means that they never have to have a solo if they don’t want to. Voices joining together to sing the song gives a shy child a way to share their voice, without being the center of attention.

Take voice lessons

Taking singing lessons is a wonderful idea. It allows you to follow instruction from a non-judgmental teacher who will encourage you to use your “biggest” voice. Learning some of the finer points in music and singing helps to build confidence in the skill. Having a teacher to offer corrections and advice is helpful in gaining confidence, and singing in front of the teacher starts to break down some of those shyness walls.

Singing lessons can be the answer for a shy child

Being shy is very natural for most people but the degree of shyness can lead to some difficulties as kids move through life. It can be hard to figure out how to help your child come out of their shell and feel more comfortable around others, but singing lessons might be the answer. Learning a new skill is a great way to help your shy child recognize their abilities and feel more comfortable sharing them with others, which might even turn into less shyness all around!