School is almost out for summer, and that means it’s time to start looking at summer camp possibilities for the kids! But what do you do if your child isn’t interested in the typical summer camp setting full of outdoor games, hotdogs on the fire and scheduled swim time? You look for some out-of-the-box summer camps! And that’s exactly what we have here. A list of some of the fun and unique summer camps around the GTA that might actually be perfect for your child.

Amazingly Unique Summer Camp Ideas Around the GTA

Music camps at Capstone Music (Burlington)

Music camps are the perfect place for kids who love music, are eager to get out and meet fellow musicians, and who are longing for the summer camp experience without the requisite dodgeball games and swim time. Whether your child loves the idea of joining a rock band, or they are just interested in playing some music, doing crafts, and having fun with other kids, this is an awesome solution for the non-summer-camp kid.

Did you know that Capstone Music offers summer camp programming that isn’t just great for Burlington, but it’s the best around! From Rock Shop to Tot Shop to Remarkable Kids – Check them out now!

Summer camps at the YMCA

The Guelph YMCA is a great place to choose a summer camp for your child. Their programs focus on encouraging learning through play and each session feeds a child’s imagination, creativity, confidence and self esteem. The welcoming and inclusive environment created and cultivated by the Y means that all kids are welcomed with open arms and will feel at home in no time. These camps are especially good for kids who enjoy being active and outdoors, but aren’t interested in a themed camp around a central interest.

Toronto Tech Camps

For the more science minded kids, Digital Media Academy offers summer camps centered around STEM themes and featuring topics like video game coding, robotics and filmmaking. Designed for kids aged 7 to 17, this summer camp isn’t just for young kids. Campers will get to play with animation sequences, try out a 3D printer, build computers and so much more.

Art Gallery of Ontario summer camps

For the artistic child, the Art Gallery on Ontario offers the perfect summer camp. Campers will be supported through the creation of various art projects inspired by the AGO exhibitions. Sessions are 1-2 weeks long and led by a member of their artist team.

Paleontology or Archaeology Camp

Encourage your dinosaur lover with a summer camp dedicated to the days when dinosaurs ruled the earth! Or let your history buff step back in time to an ancient civilization. Richmond Hill camps offer sessions featuring both archaeology and paleontology so no matter what their interests are, they will have a blast at these week-long day camps.

Cooking camp

Encourage your little cook to hone his skills and learn some new ones at this summer camp designed for kids who like to spend time in the kitchen. Whether they are amateurs or on their way to being seasoned pros, the Rooks to Cooks camp will help them gain a new appreciation for their craft.

Imagination Unlimited Bricks 4 Kids camp

Lego lovers rejoice! There is finally a summer camp for you! This lego-centered summer camp uses the bricks to learn about engineering and architecture. Campers will build motorized models and play with their own creations with this camp that was designed just for them. With several locations around the GTA, finding a camp that meets your location needs will be a cinch.

Summer camps mean summer fun!

Even if your summer camper isn’t into the old standard of outdoor camp activities and team building fun, there are so many options available to them! Don’t let your child miss out on the magic of summer camp just because they have different interests. Summer camps that feature music, science, art and creation are excellent options for the creative camper.