When kids are growing up it seems natural to encourage them to pick a sport to play. After all, as parents we want them to enjoy some of the summer camps we did when we were their age. But maybe your child isn’t into sports. What now? Why not help them foster a love for music, instead!

There are many reasons why music is great for a child’s development! Read on to see how music lessons and camps might benefit your child!

The benefits of music lessons and camps for kids

Music can be enjoyed regardless of the season or weather

Most sports and their related camps are run seasonally, so you’re bound by their season schedules when choosing a camp for your child. Because music is something that can be taught and enjoyed in any kind of weather, there are no seasonal constraints when looking for a camp or lessons

Music camps offer a similar sense of belonging to sports camps, but can be more in tune to specific interests

Not all kids are athletes, which is great! The world needs all kinds of people! Unfortunately sports camps seem to be more readily available than any other kind of camp. Music camps help the non-athletic, camp-wanting kids to feel like they have a place to belong, while recognizing that they may not have any interest in sports.

At Capstone Music in Burlington, we’re all about great teachers, teaching great kids within a friendly and warm learning environment. We teach kids at their own pace and adapt to their learning style. Whether for fun or for the serious prodigy, we’re here to make music enjoyable for life!

Music has been shown to boost self esteem in kids

Music camps foster the feeling of community

There are many ways to gain a sense of belonging as a musician, from school bands to group music lessons, but nothing beats the chance to gather with like minded people who understand where you’re coming from, and have similar goals.

Music camps build confidence

When your child learns a new song or piece of music, they are proud and want to show off. You might be excited for them, but often their school peers won’t seem to show the same enthusiasm. Being able to surround themselves with like minded peers at their music lessons and camps gives them the opportunity to build the confidence needed to keep that momentum going.

Music camps and lessons help kids form life long friendships

Having things in common is the key to building lifelong friendships. The best place to make friends they’ll have a lot in common with is at dedicated lessons and camps. Nothing beats a friendship formed at a camp where they’ve overcome hurdles and grown together!

Choose music lessons and camps for your child

Music lessons and camps may not seem like the standard choice for kids, but it is a great option for those that aren’t interested in sports. The benefits of music camps are great for kids, and will definitely leave you happy you chose them!

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