Joining a rock band may feel like an activity reserved for only skilled performers, but that’s not the case! There are so many great reasons for anyone to join a rock band, even if they don’t feel ready to jump on stage and perform. Starting or joining a rock band can help even shy and inexperienced musicians conquer their insecurities, and leave them feeling thrilled with their decision to join.

Top reasons to start or join a rock band

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Create your own community

Playing an instrument immediately gives you something in common with a select group of people. Whether you play bass guitar, trombone, piano or drums, music brings people together. Joining a rock band is pretty much an immediate induction into a group that gathers regularly, has common interests, and works together towards a common goal- whether that’s mastering a song or booking gigs.

Make friends

Steady practice times mean you’ll see each other often and get to know each other well. There’s no doubt that friendships will form as you spend time together. The initial common thread of playing music will likely give way to even more things in common.

Build confidence

Knowing that you are so good at playing an instrument that other people have decided they want to play with you all the time is a huge confidence builder.

Playing music is a great outlet

No matter what feelings you are going through, the ability to play music is therapeutic and can help drive your musical development.

Music is also a great stress relief. Being able to take your mind off of any stressors while you focus on playing the right notes and making the right sounds can help relieve stress that you came into the session feeling.

Performing in front of an audience is exhilarating

No matter how shy you are when you start, once you reach the point where you’re booking gigs and getting on stage, it’s hard to argue with the fact that performing is exhilarating!

You’ll learn commitment and responsibility

With your bandmates counting on you to show up to practice, learn your part of the music and keep your instrument in top shape, you’ll learn a level of commitment and responsibility you didn’t know was in you.

You’ll learn patience

You can’t learn everything about music overnight, so having patience in the process is key to your success both in and out of the band. Knowing that your band mates are there to support and grow with you makes it easier to trust the process and keep at the skill development.

Being in a band teaches discipline

Being part of a band means that you are accountable to others, as well as yourself, when it comes to learning a new song or nailing a specific chord. This feeling of accountability can be helpful in remaining disciplined and not letting yourself give up.

You’ll make amazing memories, not just music!

Cultivating a group of friends to hang out with both in and out of practice means you’ll make some awesome memories along the way.

Working with others is a life long skill

Sure, everyone will focus on learning their own part, but you’ll all have to work together to make it sound good and on beat. Making decisions together as a band will help you learn how to compromise and work together to accomplish your goal.

Joining a rock band is great at any age!

Not just for kids, the dream of joining a rock band is a great one for musicians of any age. It can be intimidating to get started, but once you do, you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t give it a go sooner!