When it comes to summer and March break, it seems that parent’s have an endless amount of choice these days when it comes to camps. What will the kids like? Will you decide where to send them or do they have something in mind? Have you considered a music camp?

If you want something more than babysitting for your child, like leaving them with friends or family, there are plenty of choices to discover with a quick online search.

Here we answer “What to Look for When Choosing a Music Camp” -– or any camp program for that matter.

Why a Music Camp?

Music schools or centres are often a great choice for your little one. You ask, “Do they have to know music or play an instrument?” Most often, the answer is no! In addition to providing a stimulating environment, a music camp is usually about having fun with music. From singing songs in the park to making up fake rock bands to banging on some drums – just for fun!

What to Look for in a Camp (as a Parent)

As a parent, consider…

  • A camp that stretches their thinking. What you’d like is stimulation in an informal setting. No note taking, homework or boring instruction! Ideally, the program unleashes their creativity so that the activities “fly by” because they’re…fun!
  • Persuading your children to try something new. They may have been to community centre camps or sports camps so exposing them to no-pressure music camp may be a great way to broaden their horizons, without the pressure of learning to master an instrument.
  • The opportunity to make new friends or bring along best friends. For many children, school friends are their only friends outside of family. A music program will bring together children in a new way, and establishes a great environment for making new friends by way of encouraging group activities in a fun setting. Signing up with other friends can also be helpful!
  • Is it local? A program may sound great, but the first day you drop them off and find it takes you half hour to get there only to be stuck in traffic and late for work afterwards…well, you get it. March and summer breaks shouldn’t be extra stressful on parents!
  • Is it Convenient and Flexible? No matter where the camp is, ask yourself if parking, pickups/drop offs easy and quick? Can you drop off a little earlier/later and pick up a little earlier/later? These are important questions. After all, the program should be family oriented and every family has different scheduling demands.

Picking a Camp: The Bottom Line

Summer and spring breaks should be…BREAKS! Remember, every child wants to have fun especially when they’re out of school so assuming the camp structure and hours works for your family, fun should be at the top of every parent’s list, too.

In conclusion, there are many considerations for you to think about when registering your children for a summer or March Break camp. The most important factors may boil down to “fun” and “function”.  A music camp provides a great opportunity for fun and if it so happens to be convenient location with flexible hours, then you’ve found a great place for camp!