When starting to play a musical instrument it can be a bit of a decision process to decide which instrument you’d like to learn. From the piano to guitar, ukulele to the tuba, there are so many options that it can be intimidating to pick one. Although you may be tempted to just pick an instrument off of a list and get started, it might be worthwhile to consider how your personality and musical interests play into your instrument choice. In fact, most musicians would be surprised to learn that their music and instrument choice is actually an indication of their personality!

The music you listen to can indicate your personality traits

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Most of us think of music as something we put on in the car or shower, or blast when we have a bad day. However, music is often more than just a background track to our lives. It can actually indicate and influence our personality traits. Many studies have been done to find the correlation between our musical interests and our personality traits, and the links are quite significant.

Pop music – Fans of pop music are often hard-working extroverts who pride themselves on being honest, however they are often not very creative.

Rap and hip-hop – Although stereotypes tend to imply that listeners of this genre can be angry, violent and aggressive, studies have shown that they are actually quite outgoing, speak their mind without much forethought, and have high self esteem.

Country – This group tends to be quite empathetic and humble, as well as hardworking, outgoing, quite conservative and not very open to new experiences. Contrary to popular messaging from song lyrics, they are usually quite emotionally stable as well.

Rock and heavy metal – While rock and metal music can be fairly aggressive, listeners tend to be quite calm and gentle. They are also usually more introverted with low self-esteem.

Classical – Classical music fans are usually introverted, comfortable with the world around them, creative and smart.

Jazz and blues – These fans are often extroverts with high self-esteem, intelligence and creativity, with an at ease attitude towards life.

Your instrument choice can indicate your personality

Choosing an instrument to learn can be overwhelming, however your personality may actually indicate which instrument you’d be best suited for.


This high activity instrument is best suited for people who are active, restless and somewhat irritable and nervous. Playing the drums will serve as a stress relief and high action activity which will mitigate some of these feelings.


The piano requires a fair amount of concentration to learn and master, so is great for those who are quiet, conscientious and intelligent. Social people who want to share their love of music with others usually won’t love the piano, as it takes several years of practice to get to where it can be played with others. However, the piano is a great instrument to start with as piano lessons teach a great basis of music theory for other instruments.


The guitar is a popular instrument choice for someone who likes to collect things as it is a comforting instrument. The person that reaches for the guitar usually enjoys being alone and thrives on independence. The classical guitar is a great precursor to an electric or bass guitar.


Children who are quietly behaved will often do well with learning the violin. These kids are ones that walk the line between being happy being alone, while also enjoying the company of others but not actually needing it.

Now is a great time to learn an instrument

With another year end approaching, now is a great time to commit to taking music lessons. While you may have a favourite instrument in mind already, considering your personality and how it relates to music might help you settle on the perfect option!