When it comes to taking music lessons, there are a few decisions that need to be made. From settling on a music school to choosing the right instrument to start with, taking music lessons isn’t just a matter of picking up the phone and booking a lesson. Although there are many instruments to choose from, there are a few that a new student is more likely to gravitate towards first.

The most common instruments chosen by new students

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Every student is bound to have unique goals when it comes to the instrument they want to learn, the least of which is likely how easy it will be. Despite this, new students seem to be repeatedly drawn to the same few instruments time and time again. Three instruments that are usually the first to be chosen are:


The piano is one of the most commonly played instruments in the world, so it’s no surprise that new students would be drawn to it. The versatility of the piano means that regardless of a student’s musical interests, their new skills will be useful for them throughout their musical career. The piano is a great basis for learning music theory and how to read music, so it’s the perfect place to begin for anyone new to playing an instrument.

Piano is also prominent in a wide variety of music genres so there are few limits when it comes to the style of music someone wants to play. From blues to hard rock, there are few styles that don’t feature a piano or keyboard.

Whether a student dreams of being a concert pianist, wants to join or create a rock band, or just wants to learn a skill that can be shown off at dinner parties or family events, learning the piano is a great place to start.


The guitar is another very versatile and popular instrument for new musicians to learn. Much like a piano, the guitar is found in all music genres and styles and offers students a great way to delve into their musical interests.

The guitar can also be a fairly low-cost instrument especially if the goal is to play an acoustic guitar. While electric and bass guitars can drive up the initial cost, they are still considerably cheaper than a piano.

Another significant benefit to learning the guitar is that the instrument can go anywhere the student does, allowing learning to happen whenever and wherever they choose.


Although drums may not be a parents first choice when it comes to their child choosing an instrument to learn they are actually a popular choice with many new musicians, especially young ones. Students who dream of joining a rock band or performing in front of a rowdy crowd often associate that dream with playing the drums.

Drums have been shown to have some significant stress relief benefits, so the motivation for learning how to play them isn’t purely musical. The vibrations and beats that are created while playing the drums helps your body to release antibodies that are responsible for reducing the stress-inducing hormone called cortisol.

Special mention: Ukulele

Although the ukulele may seem like a odd  instrument for someone who is serious about learning how to play music, there’s actually some great reasons to choose the ukulele as a first musical instrument.

A ukulele is one of the most accessible instruments available and comes with a much lower price tag than some of its competitors, making it more affordable for many students.

Because it has 4 strings, compared to a guitars’ 6, it is much easier to learn chords and songs. This doesn’t come at the expensive of skills, however, so there’s no harm in choosing a simple instrument to begin with.

Learn an instrument for a lifetime of music!

Although there are countless instruments that budding musicians can choose from, taking lessons can help them excel in whichever one they choose. The skills learned by taking music lessons are ones that will stick with a student for their entire lives.