Many kids grow up thinking they’d like to start or join a rock band when they’re older. Naturally, this probably means that they need to learn how to play an instrument first. But kids and adults alike will be excited to learn that knowing how to play an instrument isn’t a prerequisite to starting a band! Although having some basic knowledge of music, notes, and how to play an instrument can help reduce the learning curve a bit, it’s completely possible to start a band BEFORE learning how to play.

Joining a band can put you on the fast track

Knowing that you’re at approximately the same skill level as your fellow musicians will allow everyone the opportunity to learn and grow together, while pushing each other to improve. Practice times will become more fun and members are more likely to stick with it when they know that their bandmates are counting on them to keep up. This external push can often result in a faster learning process and a more motivated musician. If a new musician is joining a band with some more experienced players, the desire to be able to play on their level is also a great push.

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Develop your skills by joining a band

Joining a rock band will introduce several skills into a musician’s life whether or not they already know how to play an instrument. In fact, being a part of a band that is learning together how to play their instruments can help make the learning much easier and more entertaining for everyone.

Working as part of a team

When all musicians are beginners on the same level or close to it, you’ll be forced to learn how to work together as a team in order to learn songs, figure out who is playing what sections and decide on the genre you want to focus on.

The ability to compromise

New bands are bound to run into situations where they are at odds and have to learn how to compromise with each other. Whether you’re settling on what kind of songs the band should perform, who gets to play what instrument or where to hold band practices there are going to be many moments where your compromising skills will be put to the test.

Organizational skills

Playing in a rock band often requires quite a bit of organization. From deciding when it’s time to start getting your music heard to how often band practices should be held, band mates will have to work together to keep everything organized. Once the band is ready to start performing, someone will have to take on scheduling as well.

How to master the stage and entertain an audience

New musicians are often quite shy when they are learning how to play. One of the more important parts about being in a band that will perform in front of an audience is the ability to engage that audience and entertain them. Joining a rock band will help a new musician incorporate this skill into their playing habits right from the beginning.

Improvising skills

Playing in a rock band is no doubt going to lead to having things go wrong at some point. Whether you’re on stage and someone forgets the lyrics or your guitarist breaks a string, the ability to improvise is an important skill.

Time to join a rock band!

There’s really no skill requirement when it comes to joining a rock band. Although it may cross your mind that you need to be a good musician before you do, playing in a rock band can actually help you improve your skills. Even bands like U2 and the Monkees didn’t know how to play any instruments when they first started!