With many kids nowadays having pretty much all the toys they could want, it can be hard to find a great gift for them during the holidays. Whether it’s the latest doll or a favourite Lego set, there’s a good likelihood that they have multiples of all of it. Recently there’s been a movement towards gifting experiences rather than things, and it’s actually a great way to honour a gift giving culture without adding to the clutter that’s no doubt already in their home.

A great idea for a fun and beneficial experience gift is to share and grow a love of music with the child. Whether they want to learn how to play the drums or piano, have always wanted to start a rock band, or just enjoy humming along to songs on the radio, exposing a child to music lessons from a young age can provide many benefits.

Giving the gift of music

At Capstone Music Burlington, gifted musicians are here year-round instructing youth and adults alike. Whether you would like to gift someone the gift of music lessons or come in yourself, we’re ready to go on the journey with you!

Perhaps the easiest way to share your love of music and to invite your child or grandchild to join in on the fun with you would be to buy them a gift certificate for music lessons. With some prepaid music lessons, your child or grandchild is able to choose classes for an instrument that they want to learn. Of course, you’ll want to choose a music studio that offers lessons in a variety of instruments so that they have options to choose from.

If you know the child loves a certain genre of music, these lessons could be paired with a CD in a style they could draw inspiration from or some beginner sheet music that they could work on learning during their lessons. Be sure to consult with the music instruction studio before investing in sheet music though so that you can ensure you get something at an appropriate level!

Babies benefit from music gifts, too

Kids don’t have to be walking and talking to benefit from the gift of music! Music lessons like mommy and me classes have been shown to have great benefits for babies, as well. If gifting as a grandparent, this could even double as a gift for mom and dad, too… Group baby or toddler music classes can offer a great way for grandparents to bond with baby, and give a couple hours of baby-free time to mom and dad.

With interactive musical games and instrument play time, group music lessons for babies and toddlers are a great way to help stimulate language development and provide an avenue to teach them self and spatial awareness.

The gift of music is great for development

Music has many benefits for kids, not the least of which is having fun. When kids learn how to play an instrument, they tend to experience other benefits as well. From increased confidence to better marks in school, music effects many areas of their lives.

Technology is good, but music is better

While modern kids love to dive into technology and video games in their spare time, a love of music is something that will also stick with them throughout their lives. Technology is a constantly evolving piece of the world but there is just something to be said for the ability to put fingers on a keyboard or use them to strum a tune on some guitar strings.

The benefits that grow from a love of music are too numerous to count, and the bond that is formed between a grandparent or parent and child when they can share a love of music will prove that pre paid music lessons are a gift worth giving to a child of any age.