This year, make it your year to finally conquer a childhood dream! Yes, adults take singing lessons all the time! Learning how to sing may feel like a dream that you left behind years ago, but it shouldn’t be. You’re never too old to learn how to harness your musical power and learn how to project your voice and carry a tune!

If you’ve always dreamed of learning how to sing and have finally decided that singing in the shower and car just aren’t quite satisfying enough, set a New Year’s resolution to take some singing lessons in 2020. Though you may feel like your time has passed and that music lessons are geared more towards kids, that doesn’t have to be true. There are many singing instructors that are just waiting for you to reach out and schedule some lessons for yourself!

It’s time. You know you can do it. It’s time to sing!

At Capstone Music Burlington, our teachers are artists and we’ve some great vocalists that love working with adults! Live YOUR dream – learn to sing with us!

There are many reasons why learning to sing as an adult is even better than learning to sing as a child, even if you may be feeling like you’re too old, inexperienced or untalented to pick it up. Deciding to take up singing as an adult can be for many reasons, but they really revolve around maturity and that you’re initiating it FOR YOU…not a parent who presented this to you convincingly, which is sometimes how children are introduced to music lessons.

Your voice is fully matured

Though a child’s voice may sound sweet, angelic and smooth as they learn how to sing, at some point their voice will change and mature, changing the sound of their singing voice, too. While our voices are constantly maturing and changing throughout our lives, starting singing lessons as an adult means that your voice has already gone through the most significant changes that puberty can bring on so you’re more ready to tackle some of the notes that as a child you might not have been able to.

You understand the practice commitment

Learning a new musical skill takes a significant time commitment that, as an adult, you are more readily able to understand and commit to. It can be hard for kids to want to practice every day and attend lessons every week but as an adult who is learning to sing you will have a level of self motivation that will keep you willing to set aside 30 minutes a day to practice your new passion.

You respect that your coach is your teacher

As an adult it’s easier to understand that your teacher actually does know more than you, and that you should listen to the advice they give you. Obeying a music teachers’ instructions can be a bit harder for a child, especially a young one, so taking lessons as an adult means that you’ll be more likely to benefit from a teacher’s guidance.

You understand the need to protect your voice

Just like in a physical sport, you need to exercise your voice before you put it to work. As an adult this concept is quite normal and easy to accept so you’ll be able to adequately take care of your voice for long term vocal success. It’s also essential to care for your voice in the same way that you would any other instrument. From staying hydrated to avoiding screaming, taking measures to protect your voice are much easier to understand and take on as an adult.

You’ll be able to focus

For most people their attention span increases with age. And since you’ll be making the choice to invest the time into these lessons for yourself (rather than being encouraged by a parent), you’ll be much more likely to maintain your focus through the hour-long lesson and all the required practice time.

You’ll be more motivated

When you make the choice to fulfill a childhood dream like learning how to sing, there is no doubt that you will be more motivated to keep up with the required practice time and the possible difficult moments. Being internally motivated means that you’ll be more likely to progress faster and retain more of your lessons.

You understand that you might not be amazing right away

One of the strongest reasons to continue on with a hobby is when you feel like a success right off the bat. But in reality, this isn’t always the way things go. When you’re an adult and learning how to improve a new skill, you are more likely to understand that there can be a learning curve that comes along with it, and you won’t give up when it doesn’t come as second nature right away.

Set a New Year’s resolution to live out your dream

With the new year upon us, make a resolution to finally follow through on your dream of learning how to sing! Now that you know that you’re never too old to pick up a new skill, now is the best time to get started with some personalized lessons.

With instructors that can help you master the basics and learn how to sing in a style that actually interests you, Capstone Music is the perfect setting for your adult singing lessons this year.