As school starts back up again and we shake off the relaxed routine of summer holidays you may be finding yourself craving the more structured routine that fall brings with it. This is one of the reasons why fall is the perfect time to start taking music lessons.

Fall is Time for Music School

There are many reasons why fall is the perfect time to get back into the swing of things and resume (or start!) music lessons.

You’ll have a routine to work with

With a new school year starting, you’re likely planning to resume a bit more of a normal schedule. This means it’s also the perfect time to build music lessons into that routine. If music lessons and practice time are something that you consciously make time for early in the school year, they’ll become habit before you know it.

Music lessons improve academic learning

Studies have shown that music lessons can help kids improve in other academic subjects as well. Things like math, physics, science and memory are all a part of a solid music lesson. Though the student may not even realize those subjects are involved in their learning, the subconscious learning that is happening will help them get ahead in their school classes.

Learning an instrument can improve confidence

When a musician of any age learns a tough song or note combination and realize that their skills are progressing it can lead to increased self confidence. This is a great trait to start off a new school year with! Having the confidence to recognize personal skills and become more comfortable with putting themselves out there helps students to succeed in many areas of life.

Cooler weather gives motivation to stay indoors more

With fall bringing cooler weather and keeping people inside more, music lessons are a great activity. Since most music lessons are more of an indoor activity it’s easy to stay warm despite the cooler weather and use the time to improve your music skills.

You can make new friends

When starting a new school year, especially if starting at a new city or school, making friends might be an intimidating process. But when you can connect over a mutual love of music or during a shared music lesson, you have some ready-made friends right off the bat.

They can learn a new instrument by Christmas

Starting music lessons in the fall when school starts again means that there’s plenty of time to learn a new instrument or master a few new songs even before Christmas. They can start off the new year with confidence in their music skills.

Music lessons teach dedication and follow through

It can be hard for kids to recognize the benefits of their school work when the only reward is a good mark on a test. But with music lessons they can often see the results of practice time and regular lesson times when they nail a hard song or master a new instrument. This helps teach kids that there are tangible rewards to working hard and staying dedicated to practice time.

Music lessons are fun

There is nothing more motivating when it comes to taking music lessons than if the student is having fun. When kids learn how to play some of their favourite songs it creates the desire to keep coming back to learn more. Playing music also has a positive affect on the mood and overall mindset of anyone taking part.

Start the School Year on the Right Foot

Starting a new school year can be stressful with creating a new schedule, having to get back into the routine of attending class each day, making new friends and doing homework in the evening. Starting music lessons right away in the fall can help make lesson and practice times a part of the routine. When music lessons are built into the routine right from the beginning it becomes easier to set that time aside and stay dedicated.