Fall is a popular time for music lessons, but have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? Here are 4 reasons why so many people love to make a fresh start with music lessons at this time of year.

  1. It’s a time of new beginnings

Fall has always been a time of new beginnings, and in some ways, the pull to start fresh is stronger at this time than it is when New Year’s Day rolls around. Children (and adults in university or college) start a brand new school year, new TV seasons begin, plus, trees get rid of their old leaves and prepare to start fresh. So starting music lessons now will fit in perfectly with the fall routines of starting anew that you’ve been used to since childhood. Think about the tunes you’d like to learn this year, or what instrument you’d like to play the most (ex. piano, guitar, etc.), and get started.

  1. There’s enough time left in the current year to set tangible goals and accomplish them

Starting late is better than never, but it’s definitely worth starting earlier if you can. Lots of people like to accomplish goals before the end of the year, but in order to do that, you need to start early enough. If you start music lessons in the fall, you’ll still have plenty of time to accomplish tangible goals before the calendar changes over to a brand new year. And besides that, you can turbocharge your progress by having another mini-start in January thanks to whatever musical New Year’s Resolutions you’ll set.

  1. It coincides with the school year

 We’re used to taking summers off from our learning activities so we can enjoy the weather. But September through June are marked for learning, capped off with recitals and other events at the end of it all. Starting music lessons in the fall will allow plenty of time not only to accomplish tangible goals by the end of this year, but also to accomplish even bigger ones by the time June music recital season rolls around.

  1. Playing music is an enjoyable way to pass the time during the cooler months of the year

Most Canadians are itching to get outdoors once things warm up summer: we think about heading out to the cabin on weekends, vacations, or simply relaxing around home in our free time. But when the weather cools down, many of us struggle with feeling cooped up and bored. Music offers a great escape from boredom, and is an enjoyable way to relax away the chilly months as you wait for better weather.

Start your music lessons in the fall

Whether you’re starting a brand new instrument, or refining your skills on a tried-and-true favourite, fall will be a fantastic time to start a fresh round of music lessons. Get ready to start, or continue, your musical journey this fall — you won’t regret it!

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