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Music & Babies – Beneficial for Listening and Learning to Play 

Music has become so prominent and ingrained in our day to day lives that it’s easy to overlook the effects it can have on babies and young children. It is present is so many parts of our daily lives, from background music in TV shows and movies to playing over the speakers while we shop [...]

When do babies start to understand music?                                       

From the time you found out you were expecting you probably started playing music for your baby, likely without even knowing whether it was beneficial to them. Sure, you’ve heard that popping headphones on your belly is something you should do, but is music really that big of a deal to babies? The truth is, [...]

Music Lessons for Babies? Yes, and Here’s Why!

While it’s easy to see the benefits of musicand playing an instrument in kids and adults, it might be a it more difficult to realize that music has some serious benefits for babies, too! From helping to build motor function to teaching the basics of language, music is more than just a great way for [...]

7 Reasons to Give Music For Toddlers a Try

What toddler doesn't love music or a catchy jingle? Thought so! Toddlers are busy little people, and it can be hard to come up with ways to keep them occupied. Have you ever considered giving them the gift of music by participating in a local music program geared specifically for the toddlers? Here's 7 reasons [...]

“Jumping into January” Toddler Music Program

Announcing our Winter/Spring 2016 “TotShop” Music Sessions We have created this tot music program to promote healthy growth and neurological development for our youngest pupils aged 18 months to 4 years old. TOT SHOP INCLUDES: Group interaction· Introduction of new instruments· Lots of songs· Lots of dance· Lots of fun!  All with one simple purpose… ESTABLISHING A LOVE OF MUSIC! WE WANT [...]