Music lessons in the summer? Absolutely! Parents know that a week or two at the cottage or on a road trip is great for the kids and for “family time”.  Throw in a sports camp and maybe swimming lessons, but you still have over a month to go! What about the rest of the time. Ever think of a summer music camp?

Music Lessons Fill the Time Gap with Learning

Rather than playing video games, music lessons are a great way to learn without “being in school”. If your child has ever dreamed of playing music – whether beating on the drums, playing air guitar, or fooling around with a piano keyboard, then music lessons are likely a great idea. Is your little boy or girl singing away in the shower? How about vocal lessons?

You should really let your child select the instrument of their choice. At a young age, they should be exploring and having fun with music. Dictating which instrument they should play may turn them off of music lessons (you know, “you made me” isn’t what you want to hear, right?).

Make New Friends at the Music Centre

Music lessons are typically half an hour to an hour, and frequenting the centre puts both parents and kids in contact with other parents and kids. Hey, these like minded little musicians might one day start a band! Making new friends with common interests is always a great idea. When school starts, your child will likely choose to continue with music lessons and work it into their routine. Who knows, they may just be performing at your school’s year end talent show after several few months of lessons!

Repeat: Limit Video Game Playing!

Let’s face it, children (and adults) love their video games yet with music playing as an additional interest, video game play can be limited (naturally, and without unplugging the PS4!). Learning an instrument is as challenging, and more fun many would say, than playing video games and the benefits can last a lifetime. As your child’s skills progress, you’ll be ecstatic to hear and watch them play…the same can’t be said for watching them play they’re favourite video game.

Music Playing Provides a Break From Sports

Healthy body is a healthy mind! Sports are a fantastic way for kids to compete and socialize yet these days some children do nothing but play organized sport. Playing music expands your skills and set of interests. Every parent wants a well rounded child who’s multi-talented, right? Singing or playing an instrument is not only an impressive talent, it is great for further developing cognitive skills in children. If your child is taking a break from their sports season, music lessons may be just the ticket!

It’s Summer – Let’s Play Some Music!

You see, summer may be the perfect time to sign up for music lessons…to meet new friends, pick up a new and exciting skill, and take a break from sports (and did we mention, get away from video games?).

If you’re in the Burlington, Ontario area and are interested in visiting Capstone Music’s music centre, please give us a call today to arrange tour!