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look at here Welcome to Capstone Music. You are committing to ongoing lessons which are pre-paid monthly based on the calendar month. We accept Visa, MasterCard as well as post-dated cheques. Your payments are processed on the last business day of the billing cycle for the upcoming month. There will be a charge of $25 for any NSF cheques. Notice of discontinuation is required in writing 30 days prior to the last lesson. There are no reductions in lesson fees due to missed appointments. “No shows” will not be made up. The only guaranteed make-ups are for teacher absences and studio weather cancellations. We allow for two Vacation days taken Sept through June and two during July and Aug to use at your discretion. Please notify us of these prior to billing.

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How did you find out about Capstone Music? _________________________________ Teacher___________________________ Lesson Day _________Time____________ Occasionally photographs are taken at the studio. Please let us know if your students are not to be included in these opportunities________________________________________________ Payment Information

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