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6 Things Parents Want From a Music Centre If you have plans to register your child at the local music centre, you’re doing a good thing. The benefits of music lessons have been well-established, after all. But where you go is important and can make or break your child’s chances of a good experience. With that in mind, here are some of the [...]

Key Differences Between Local Music Lessons and Learning Online The 2 Key Differences Between Local Music Lessons and Learning Online Online music instruction is prevalent these days and of course, it's convenient! But convenience comes at a significant cost in the case of music lessons. Here are the two key differences in how online lessons differ from in-person musical instruction, that you need to [...]

How to Find the Best Music Lessons for Your Child

Beckingen Your child is excited, you've agreed to sign them up for music lessons! Now what? You and your child need to decide what instrument to play - guitar, piano, drums...or even singing - and then getting started. Which is the best music school in your area? What makes it the best? What makes in the [...]

Piano Lessons: What to Avoid When Learning to Play

Learning to play the piano is easy if you have the right tools, attitude and teacher. But if you do the wrong things, it'll slow down your learning process and make things more difficult. Avoid the pitfalls on this list and you'll be off to a better start! Be at Ease with Your Piano Teacher [...]