With the world moving into a more digital age, online music instruction is becoming the norm. Video sites like YouTube allow music buffs to learn new songs, skills and instruments with videos and onscreen instruction, making learning an instrument or new singing skills much easier to do. But there are some important differences between those videos you watch online and taking organized virtual, interactive lessons that you can take with your local music school.

While video learning can help expand knowledge and skill development, there are some definite positives to taking real organized classes with a music teacher.

Online, Live Interactive Music Lessons are Great

There are many ways in which students will benefit from online music lessons. Though it might take a few minutes to get the technology sorted and to get a feel for how things will work, the pay off will be significant. Here are a few reasons why you should take the leap and get started with online lessons today!

7 Reasons Why Live, Online Music Lessons are Better than Watching Video

Did you know Capstone Music has launched “Capstone at Home“. Live, online music lessons between our amazing music teachers and students. Flexible, live and interactive to keep the learning going when we can’t be in the music school classrooms! Another reason why we’re voted Burlington’s BEST music instruction every year!

1. Classes are live

Since online classes are live your music teacher will get a real-time showing of your skill progression, not just an edited highlight reel at the end of your practice schedule. This helps them to give the best instruction they can so you can improve as you go.

2. Instruction is interactive

With your teacher able to hear your music immediately as you play it they are better able to give you feedback in the moment to help you adjust your playing. It’s much easier to take in and respond to your teachers’ instruction when it comes in the moment, rather than only after they’ve heard a recording.

3. You can work together

During an interactive lesson you are able to work directly with your teacher to play a fun song, hit a hard riff, learn a new skill or hear their specific advice about what you are doing throughout your piece. Working together with another musician will increase the overall fun level of music lessons, as compared to only watching a video and trying to mimic it on your own.

4. Feedback is instant

When classes are held live, the teacher is able to offer immediate feedback to the student. Whether the feedback is related to hitting a specific note, proper positioning of fingers on the instrument, appropriate posture or even just tips on how to pull the best performance out of themselves, feedback is the crux of a great lesson. Being able to adjust your method as it is being corrected is the best way to teach your brain how to properly perform to prevent from muscle memory being created in the wrong way.

5. They offer a personal touch

Not all students are created equal, and not all learn at the same pace. Interactive online lessons allow the music teacher to create a customized lesson plan that will help the student to receive a personalized experience.

6. You’ll get live reinforcement

Having a teacher that can tell you when you are doing things right is the best way to feel improvement and positive thoughts towards your progress. Practicing a piece for weeks just to get feedback during a lesson scheduled several weeks down the road can result in bad habits forming. Receiving reinforcement immediately can help a student hold the motivation to keep playing and keep practicing.

7. You’ll grow a relationship

One of the best ways to help a musician play their best is if they like and respect the person they’re playing for. By facilitating lessons with the same instructor week to week the student is able to grow their trust and shed any lingering shyness they may have.

Live instruction (in person or online) is best for learning musical instruments

Although there are many videos online that can teach some skills, there really is no comparison to the interactive lessons you can get from a music school. Having a teacher that can engage and interact with their students and help them to improve their musical talents in the moment is a gift that just can’t be matched!