If developing your singing voice to its maximum potential is important to you, the best way to do it is to take singing lessons with a great vocal coach. Here are the things you need to look for to find the perfect instructor to help you reach your singing goals.

What you want to achieve as a vocalist should should align with the teacher’s experience and teaching style

Every coach has a different background and experience, so it’s important to make sure they can help you with the specific goals you have.

To start with, make sure they have experience with singing in the genre you want to learn. Next, think over the following list of potential singing goals and consider which ones are important to you:

  • Genre – learning to sing in a specific genre such as classical, opera, pop, country, musical theater, alternative, or something else entirely
  • Control – learning to better control your vibrato
  • Vocal Strength – strengthening your soft palate
  • Range – increasing your vocal range
  • Improvise – improving your ability to wing it and sing “by ear”
  • Listening – improving your ability to sing a new song the first time you lay eyes on the music and lyrics
  • Enunciate – learning how to pronounce words when singing in a way that your audience can understand (because poor diction can lead to the listener having no idea what a song is about)
  • Breathing technique – figuring out how to breathe properly when singing so you don’t run out of breath

Finally, you have to consider whether or not you’re the kind of person who is learning purely for pleasure and wants a more relaxed approach in your instructor’s teaching style, or, if you want to go pro and need a coach who will push you a bit harder and hold you accountable for your progress.

Once you have a good idea of what you want to learn from your vocal coach and discuss this with them it’ll be obvious, as you listen to their comments, whether or not they are the right instructor for your needs.

A great vocal coach for you offers lessons that fit within your budget

In a perfect world, money would be no object and you could hire whoever you want. But if cost is an important factor (as it is for most people), be sure to discuss what your potential coach will charge for lessons. It’s also a good idea to find out in advance if they’ll charge you for missed lessons. No-one plans on missing lessons, but sometimes life gets in the way and it’s important to know ahead of time what their missed-lesson policy is.

They’re conveniently located

For some people, driving across town (or to a different town altogether) for vocal lessons is no problem at all. But if transportation is an issue or you have an extremely busy life, you may want to put a priority on finding a vocal coach who can offer lessons fairly close to where you live.

Improving your singing is an amazing reward and a great vocal coach can help you achieve it

Take some time today and give some thought as to what your singing goals are. Make a list of the ones that are most important to you. Next, give some thought as to what kind of coach will help you reach your goals. Don’t be afraid to talk to more than one vocal instructor before making your choice either. If you need to, sign up for a trial lesson with the best candidates and see how well you mesh with them.

Choose the best one and sign up for a few month’s worth of lessons. Jumping in and giving it a try is the best way to confirm who’s the right coach for your singing lessons.

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