ĹžovĂ˝ Olivia Korosak Olivia began her musical journey at the age of four. She currently holds her Grade 8 Piano and Grade 2 Theory with the Royal Conservatory of Music. While learning classical piano she began to sing in choirs and musicals which propelled her to be a voice major in high school and eventually study classical voice at McMaster University from the studio of Lita Classen. During her time at university Olivia discovered her love for harmony and analysis and that she is a composer at heart. She quickly began to throw herself into opportunities that allowed her to compose. Experiences such as co-composing the music for McMaster’s 2018 Fall Production of Women and Servants, a commissioned choral piece for the McNab Presbyterian choir and composing all original music for her fourth year thesis production has granted Olivia the ability to work in diverse musical environments with a vast variety of instruments and voices. Olivia enjoys to perform just as much as she composes and feels any composer should constantly be seeking time of stage to enhance their knowledge.