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Piano vs Keyboard Lessons – Are They the Same? 

A piano and a keyboard both have keys that play a sound when you hit them, however they are actually quite different from each other! When it comes time to book music lessons, you’ll be well served to understand the differences between each instrument to ensure that you are learning the one you’ll be most [...]

Why Piano is a Great First Instrument to Learn

When you or your child decides it’s time to start learning an instrument, it might seem daunting to decide which instrument to start with. There are so many options out there, after all! While you may have always wanted to play the guitar in a rock band, there might be a better instrument to start [...]

Piano Lessons: What to Avoid When Learning to Play

Learning to play the piano is easy if you have the right tools, attitude and teacher. But if you do the wrong things, it'll slow down your learning process and make things more difficult. Avoid the pitfalls on this list and you'll be off to a better start! Be at Ease with Your Piano Teacher [...]

Tips for Learning to Play the Piano

Learning to play the piano is easy, if you have a great teacher and make just a little time to play. Piano is also a great place to start if you're interested in learning other instruments,  too, given it provides a great introduction to reading musical notes. Let's get to some tips! 5 Easy Steps to [...]

5 Ways That Piano Lessons Can Benefit Your Child

Piano is often the first instrument a child is introduced to and to some kids, it might not seem the coolest (and for some, it rocks!). One thing is for certain, the piano is a crucial instrument that enables music composition and can bring so many more benefits to your child than just reciting simple melodies. While [...]