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Can music help get you through winter blues?

Chiapa de Corzo With days getting shorter, darkness setting in earlier, and it seeming like we’re finally nearing the end of an unprecedented year thanks to Covid-19, there’s a good likelihood that you’re feeling the effects of the winter blues. What is SAD? The term ‘winter blues’ actually refers to a documented psychological disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder [...]

Can singing really provide health benefits? There are many benefits of singing, from making new friends to improving self confidence. Anyone that spends time learning to sing has likely experienced many of these benefits for themselves. However, there are a number of positive effects that are often overlooked and those all relate to your health! There are so many positive health [...]

Let the Music Inspire you During Difficult Times    ínsa-sobrarbe.html Music has been known to have many positive effects on people, whether they spend time listening to it or are able to play an instrument. With COVID-19 forcing most of us to change our habits and spend much more time at home, depression rates are increasing and mental health issues are becoming more prominent. While [...]