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The 6 Keys to Great Music Lessons & Learning an Instrument  

Penicuik When it comes to learning a new instrument it’s often not as simple as just picking up an instrument and following a YouTube video. While there are some great resources for virtual music lessons, getting direct instruction and feedback from a teacher in organized lessons is the best way to develop skills and foster a [...]

How do I Improve at Playing Music by “Ear”ĹžovĂ˝ Learning and immersing in the art of music has so many benefits for students of all ages. From learning how to read music to the benefits that music can have on one’s mood and even their education, including music in your life is a choice you definitely won’t regret. When playing music there are 2 [...]

Benefits of Music Lessons for Adults'ebre-conocer-chico.html It may seem like music lessons are more for kids however taking lessons and learning how to play an instrument or sing on key is a great idea as an adult, too. There are many benefits to taking music lessons when you’re an adult, too. Music helps you to learn discipline, patience and perseverance When [...]

Can music help get you through winter blues?

Sarāi Mīr With days getting shorter, darkness setting in earlier, and it seeming like we’re finally nearing the end of an unprecedented year thanks to Covid-19, there’s a good likelihood that you’re feeling the effects of the winter blues. What is SAD? The term ‘winter blues’ actually refers to a documented psychological disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder [...]

Can singing really provide health benefits?

There are many benefits of singing, from making new friends to improving self confidence. Anyone that spends time learning to sing has likely experienced many of these benefits for themselves. However, there are a number of positive effects that are often overlooked and those all relate to your health! There are so many positive health [...]