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Top 3 Instruments Played by New Music Students

When it comes to taking music lessons, there are a few decisions that need to be made. From settling on a music school to choosing the right instrument to start with, taking music lessons isn’t just a matter of picking up the phone and booking a lesson. Although there are many instruments to choose from, [...]

What Does the Music You Like or Instrument Your Play Say About You?               

When starting to play a musical instrument it can be a bit of a decision process to decide which instrument you’d like to learn. From the piano to guitar, ukulele to the tuba, there are so many options that it can be intimidating to pick one. Although you may be tempted to just pick an [...]

Acoustic vs Electric Guitar: Which Should I Choose?

Once you’ve decided that you want to learn how to play the guitar, it’s time to make another important decision: acoustic or electric? Though they may seem quite similar, there’s actually a few differences that could help you make your choice. You might have heard that beginners should start with an acoustic guitar because it’s [...]

4 Questions You Need to Answer Before Choosing a Bass or Electric Guitar

Whether to play a bass or electric guitar is a dilemma that comes up a lot (we've recently talked about the 5 key differences between electric vs. acoustic guitar). To begin with, remember that you don’t have to play the same instrument for life. So choose the one that best fits you now, and if [...]

5 Differences Between Acoustic and Electric Guitar

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, one issue you’ll come across early on is deciding whether or not to start with acoustic, or electric. Learn about the differences between them so you can make the right decision. We already know the benefits of playing guitar for children, and you can check [...]