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Top 3 Instruments Played by New Music Students

When it comes to taking music lessons, there are a few decisions that need to be made. From settling on a music school to choosing the right instrument to start with, taking music lessons isn’t just a matter of picking up the phone and booking a lesson. Although there are many instruments to choose from, [...]

What Does the Music You Like or Instrument Your Play Say About You?               

When starting to play a musical instrument it can be a bit of a decision process to decide which instrument you’d like to learn. From the piano to guitar, ukulele to the tuba, there are so many options that it can be intimidating to pick one. Although you may be tempted to just pick an [...]

6 Benefits of Drum Lessons and Learning to Play the Drums

Have you always dreamed of beating the drums! Well, your time could be now! Here we share the top benefits of taking drum lessons and learning to play the drums. 1. Learning to play the drums is a primal activity that is lots of fun. There are few things that can get your heart pumping [...]

World Class Teachers

Capstone Music Drum Teacher Tim Connolly Featured One of our very own drum teachers Tim Connolly finds himself included with the elite drum teachers of Canada in the latest issue of Modern Drummer Magazine! Being recommended by one of the arguably best Drum teachers of all time is no small thing and we couldn’t be [...]

5 Reasons to Consider Drum Lessons for Your Child

Learning the Drums: Benefits for Children Playing an instrument has many positive attributes from stimulating mental health to increasing self-confidence. Yet, of all the musical instruments you might want your child to learn, drums are probably not top of the list. But in fact, playing the drums are often said to have more [...]